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Welcome to the Civil Mediation Project


This project is concerned with facilitative civil mediation, the essence of which is the use by a trained and qualified mediator of his or her skills to facilitate a process through which parties to a dispute reach a mutually agreeable settlement. The mediator acts neither as judge, expert, lawyer, or arbitrator, but functions solely in a neutral capacity. By exploring the issues, interests, needs and concerns of the parties, the mediator seeks to assist in the creation of solutions which the conflicting parties own. Whilst the mediator is in charge of the process, the parties have charge of the outcome. Mediation is therefore universally adaptable across the whole OSCE area, as the unique circumstances of the conflicting parties, both local, cultural and jurisdictional, will prevail at all times.

In principle any dispute is capable of being mediated by facilitative mediation, if the parties concerned are willing to agree to participate in such a process with a view to reaching a mutually acceptable settlement. Such disputes may range from complex multi- party political or ethnic conflicts, civil, commercial, family or workplace disputes, down to individual disputes between neighbours.


Further information, including the option of an in-country visit, may be obtained from The Director. 

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